Courtney Belly Dance

Courtney Duchardt

Courtney DuchardtCourtney is a Los Angeles based multi award-winning belly dance artist. She travels nationally and internationally performing and instructing. A lifelong student of dance and music, Courtney found Middle Eastern Dance while living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Courtney draws on her previous classical ballet training as a foundation for her training and technique. Courtney has studied extensively with Sandra of San Francisco, Aziza of Canada, and other internationally renowned belly dance artists to further develop her elegant style. Courtney has a Bachelor of Arts in Music focusing on Ethnomusicology from Columbia University. She is a classically trained pianist, flutist, and vocalist, lending natural musicality to every performance. Courtney’s extensive study of music theory, ear training, and music’s cultural context drive her passion for Middle Eastern Dance not only as art, but also for its roots as folk dance.

Welcome and thanks for joining me! My channel will offer instructional videos on some of my favorite topics in Middle Eastern Dance. I've created finger cymbal drills that are designed to help you build musicality and stamina as well as some choreography videos that you can dance to and enjoy in the comfort of your own home! In the coming months I'll have more finger cymbal drills as well as technique and more choreography, so subscribe today and stay tuned! I look forward to dancing with you!